Your Guide to Ring Lights

What is a ring light?

Ring lights are becoming more popular, especially with vloggers, because they allow for some amazing effects in your videos. Although vloggers can choose from LED lights, softbox lights, and umbrellas, why not try ring light? Ring lights allow vloggers to create very professional-looking videos without the aid of other equipment. They also take up less room than any other video light kit on the market today. Ring lights give a nice “soft” lighting effect to your vlog while still allowing you to see clearly.

Two different types of ring lights

Ring lights use a combination of two different types of lighting. The first is a standard halogen ring light that sits above the person filming the video. This halogen ring light illuminates everything in the area and is installed in different areas, such as the ceiling, the floor, furniture, and other fixtures. 

The second type of lighting used with a ring light is an overhead lighting system.

The setup of these two types of lighting is what makes a ring light a unique video lighting option. When compared to standard overhead lighting systems, using ring lights results in two main advantages. 

The first of which is a reduction in the amount of light that is used. Standard overhead lighting systems require the user to constantly switch between high and low levels of light. By using a ring light, the user can turn down the lights at times while still capturing the necessary light for the video to be completed.

How to use a ring light?

One of the best ways to use a ring light is to attach them to your tripod when you are on a tripod. In most cases, ring lights will hang downwards from the bottom of your tripod. This will make it easier for you to hold onto the tripod while you are moving and not have the light hanging down and interfering with your movement.

How do I set the color temperature of my ring light? 

In order to get the right color temperature for your ring light, you need to know how you will be using the lights at the same time. For example, if you are in a well-lit room, you probably want to use a lower wattage bulb so that the colors will be more vivid. If there are a lot of trees or bright sunlight in the background, you might want to go with a higher wattage bulb so that you can get great pictures with nice deep colors. Knowing how the picture will turn out once the light has been set will help you regulate the temperature of the ring light so it can meet your needs.

What is the best place to hang a ring light? 

While ring lights can hang anywhere you choose, most people use a wall. This is because it is the easiest place to control the amount of light coming through. The problem with hanging a ring light from the ceiling, table, or some other high object is that you will not be able to change the direction the light is coming from. You will also be limited with the brightness that the light can produce. If you want to be able to change the direction of the ring light and maximize its brightness, you should consider a hanging ring light.

Is it better to have a ring light with direct lighting, or soft lighting? 

The type of light you choose to illuminate your subject matter with is going to impact the overall image that you are trying to capture. For instance, if you are taking a picture of a very dark sky, then you will not benefit by using a ring light with direct lighting. In order to get the most out of the ring light that you purchase, you will want to purchase one that uses a softer light source.

Is it important to have a ring light with a dimmer switch, so you do not accidentally activate the light. Most modern ring lights come with dimmer switches. Some manufacturers actually offer multiple ring lights with different dimmers. If you like to take lots of pictures, but do not want to change the lights as often, then a ring light with multiple dimmers is a great option for you.

The Bottom Line

Due to the influence of vloggers, ring lights have been the go-to brightening equipment for most of us. Creating professional-looking videos and photography has been extremely easy with the use of this. Depending on your usage, there are cheap ring lights that you can get for your projects or if you are using it for commercial purposes, investing in expensive ones will be worth it. 

Top 5 Recommended Ring Lights

If you want to be the next Tik Tok star or up your vlog gaming or if you want to pursue a more professional path, then a ring light should definitely be part of your kit. This helps make your videos look better to get all those hearts and likes!

Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

This budget pocket-sized (just 3 inches) ring light is a definite must-have with its versatility and portability. Unlike traditional ring lights propped with a tripod, this one’s designed as a clip-on which you can easily and securely attach to your phone and laptop for an instant brighter look. 

It’s equipped with 3W of light power, 36 LEDs, and a 5600K color temperature suitable for indoor shooting. You can also adjust the brightness in 3 setting options depending on what your situation calls for although it has a lower light output than most. But with its size, it’s not really a letdown. Another great feature is that it’s packed with a decent lithium battery which can last at least a couple of hours on a single charge. You don’t have to worry about having a dead ring light when you need it the most. 

 Easy to use clip-on mechanismLower light output (not suitable for professional
vloggers or photographers)
Pocket-sized and portableThe charging cord can be a bit hard to
securely connect 
With battery and rechargeable

You can shop this on Amazon for $13.99. 

Customer Reviews:

“This light works wonders. The light doesn’t have much distance on it so it really is limited to close range pictures, but it makes the world of difference!” -Alex Cooper

“I don’t use this to light photos in very low light, I use it to add flattering light to my selfies. As a 47 year old woman I need to take photos strategically–in light that doesn’t make me want to hurl my phone against the wall when I view photos of myself. ? This light helps. A lot. I’ve added edited and unedited selfies with the light. I have a wallet style case and clip this to the side of my phone on the flip out cover that holds my credit cards.” -Amazon Customer

Neewer Dimmable 18” LED Ring Light

If you love taking Tik Tok videos then you have definitely heard of the Neewer LED Ring Light. It’s one of the most in-demand ring lights across social media platforms and suits selfie aficionados and casual vloggers as well as those who are in the professional side. While it’s not as portable as clip-on ring lights, this comes with a fully-equipped case to carry it. 

It’s an 18” LED ring light packed with 240 LED bulbs that has an adjustable dimming feature to get the exact light that you prefer and white and orange color filters. The stand that comes with it is lightweight and built on adjustable and flexible soft but sturdy tube (aluminum alloy). It also has a place to attach your phone and DSLR camera (plus a hot shoe adapter). And of course, it also comes with a remote.

Quality light output with dimming featureNone that we can find
Highly adjustable
Lightweight and portable with a carrying case
Complete equipment with an option for DSLR
cameras packed in a kit

You can shop this on Amazon for $89.99. 

Customer Reviews:

“ If you work in the cosmetics world. This ring light is a must have to take pictures of your clients. The lighting is beyond amazing.” -Kathy Kong

“I love this ring light! It makes my videos look much better and provides that professional bright look I need. It was very easy to assemble and very easy to break down and place back into its travel bag. Definitely a great buy!!!” -D’lana Starkey

UBeesize 10” Ring Light

The Ubeesize is a two-in-one ring light that can be used as selfie ring lights and with a phone holder as well. This 10” ring light is all you need to bring your vlogger dream come true and it’s also one of the most recommended for zoom calls.  

This ring light comes in three dimmable color lights which you can adjust in 11 different ways making it very flexible and allows multiple light experimentations. It’s universal smartphone holder is positioned directly below the light ensuring a well-lit and totally level content. But you can also opt to adjust the holder at an angle that best fits your needs. And it’s also equipped with an expandable tripod and a Bluetooth remote for handy operation. 

3 color dimmable lights with multiple
brightness options
None that we can find
Highly adjustable
Expandable tripod
Portable with a carrying bag

You can shop this on Amazon for $35.99. 

Customer Reviews:

“I loved how my Ring light came with good packaging and it arrived fast and in good condition!. I love this ring right and it’s sturdy and it’s great for pictures and makeup videos .. I love the stand and it also came with a bag to put the ring light away or when you travel with it. ” -Katherine

“I purchase a cheaper version of a self ring light on amazon to use for self-tape auditions for my acting career and I had to return it because it was not sturdy at all. I paid a little more for this one, but the quality is much better and it is very sturdy. I really like it! The only request I would have is to make it taller.” -Celina

Cyezcor 10″ Selfie Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

This 10” ring light allows rainbow-color light experimentation with its three filters that can be adjusted to achieve all the colors of the rainbow. With this, you can take on the challenge of curating more creative content using the different lighting effects. It’s one of the few ring lights that offer so many options in terms of lighting. 

The ring light comes in an adjustable tripod equipped with non-slip technology. Aside from that, it also has a multifunctional platform stand and a universal mobile phone holder. But what makes it stand out among the rest is that it also comes with an extension stick and a mirror attachment which is perfect for filming. There’s also a usb power supply and a Bluetooth remote control for long distance photography. 

Multiple lighting optionsSome reviews encountered issues
with the stand
Highly adjustable
Tripod with multifunctional platform
Mirror attachment and extension stick

You can shop this on Amazon for $40.00 

Customer Reviews:

“I looked at quite a few of these before ultimately deciding on this one. I love the fact that you can adjust the color intensity and brightness. The stand expands from about a foot tall to over 5 ft. Comes with a remote to change the color of the light and a bluetooth remote to connect to your phone for taking pictures with. I added on the 3 year warranty offered to protect against any accidents. Although it’s not the best quality one you can buy on the market, is it a very good quality for what you’re paying for.” -Julia

“Awesome! I’m using this to record dance videos and the quality is amazing. Lighting choices are awesome. Tripod is a little unstable from the weight on top but has not fallen or anything so it’s doing its job great.” – Stephanie Pitocco

Godox Witstro AR400 Ring Flash

This one is made for professional photographers and videographers and is quite expensive. It’s a pro-grade flash that helps in applying even light to the subject with a dramatic result. It’s designed to be mounted in front of the DSLR lens with 22 different flash power levels allowing shadow-free lighting. 

Aside from that, it can also be used as a video ring light with 5600K light at 440 lux. If you’re building your equipment for a professional career, then this is an obvious choice. 

Multiple flash power levelsFor professional photographers only
Shadow-free lightingPricey
Good for professional photos and videosNot very ergonomic

You can shop this on Amazon for $499.00 

Customer Reviews:

“One star off for the goofy mounting options though. Attaching it to a camera is easy enough, but if your lens is on the short side, you’ll end up pushing the camera as far into the hole as you can. Which, because of the large plastic wingnut that holds the mounting bracket to the flash on the right side, will make your camera grip unusable. Que trip to the hardware store for a screw without the wingnut. Or, as I did, taking a camera-frame handle from a different product and rigging it to serve as a proper right-hand grip. But there’s still nowhere for you left hand to hold onto except the bottom of the battery pack on the light.” – Keith Goreham

“I am absolutely love the Godox Wistrom AR400. I have done slot of run and gun shoots with it. Also able to do HSS with this device which is a big plus.” – Dr. J

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