Your Guide to Massage Guns

What are massage guns?

Massage guns, also known as handheld massagers, are fairly new inventions that have quickly gained in popularity in the past few months. These handy devices deliver quick, effective, long-lasting hits on the human body (also called percussion strokes) which effectively increase circulation, relax tense muscles, decrease the risk of muscle injury, and increase the recovery time of sore muscles. Unlike traditional types of massaging techniques, these instruments do not require the aid of another person for effective application. They can be used in privacy, at the office, or anywhere you may need a little relief from the stress and strain of a hectic day.

A professional massage gun consists of a flexible handle and a head that rotates at high speeds. You simply apply pressure to the head, to work on the deeper layers of muscles. The massage gun works by shooting small bursts of compressed air through the compressed foam at extremely high speeds. This air helps to warm up the muscles being worked on, which relaxes them and reduces pain.

Why you should use a massage gun

Massage therapy may sound like a simple job, but it is far from easy. Not only must you apply the right pressure and speed, you must also follow correct safety procedures.

One of the most important benefits of massage gun therapy is that it provides effective, long-lasting pain relief. It is especially effective for lower back pain relief and is sometimes used as an alternative to prescription medications. A massage gun stimulates the muscles, allowing you to get a pain relief that lasts longer than traditional medications. Because it uses slow, constant pressure, you can get relief from your chronic pain without having to go through the discomfort of taking medication every day.

Another benefit of massage gun therapy is that it improves blood circulation in the body. It increases blood flow and circulation, which improves the health and appearance of the skin, tissues, and muscles. It also allows the lymphatic system, which removes waste from the blood, to function properly.

Many people experience some soreness after a massage therapy session. This is usually caused by lack of circulation. By massaging the muscles with a massage gun each day, you can promote proper circulation throughout the body. The gun shoots out a small, continuous stream of compressed air, which gives the muscles a gentle massage. You will not only feel better immediately, but your muscles will be healthier and more resilient to injury in the months to come.

If you have had bad experiences with a regular massage therapist, it may be time to switch to using an electric massager for your therapy sessions. Many people report improved blood circulation, pain relief and improved relaxation. You are more likely to get all of the benefits of massage therapy without the discomfort and pain. Electric massage guns eliminate the kneading and rubbing required to soothe and relax muscles and joints. With an electric massager, you just pump up and down on the button and let the air circulate.

After using a massage gun for a few weeks, you will start to notice an improvement in the mobility of your muscles and joints. You will also notice an improvement in how your skin looks and feels. The fine lines and wrinkles that have started to appear on your face and arms will slowly become less noticeable. The massage therapist who invented this amazing new device has been working hard to put together a product that is durable, efficient, safe, comfortable and reliable. Now that he has everything in place, it is time to release lactic acid and put your body back in shape.

5 Top Recommended Massage Guns

Here are our top recommended products for better health. 

Theragun Mini

Theragun is one of the most popular and leading massage gun brands. It first gained traction on social media and they delivered on their products well with legitimate therapeutic feeling which helps prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. With a wide arsenal of massage gun designs with their Pro, Elite, and Mini versions, it’s hard to pick one. But the Theragun Mini is proving to be its most exciting and innovative device. 

It’s small and also light on the hand (as well as an ergonomic grip) which solves all the accessibility issues posed by bigger designs. While it’s not as powerful as the Elite or Pro, it still packs a punch that can definitely help relax your muscles after a day’s work. It’s also portable (with 150 minutes of battery) which is very handy for those who are sitting around all day in front of the computer and just want to relieve the soreness and pain without having to move. It’s also quieter and more affordable. 

Lightweight and portableNot as powerful as bigger devices 
Can access parts not normally
reached by regular-sized devices
Powerful for its size
Low cost

You can shop this at Amazon for $199.00.

Customer Reviews:

“”Your health is your wealth”. 100% worth the investment. I actually have had all three versions of the Theragun at some point and this one is prob the best. The small size makes it so easy to use and hit hard spots. It is very powerful for how small it is.

The V2 is def a bit more powerful and I would recommend that for more serious use. The mini is perfect for on the go use, personal use and I would highly recommend it. The small design def makes it easier to hit harder spots. LOVE IT” -Eric

“This product is great! Theragun knocked it out of the park with the mini! It’s so quiet and soothing; great help for people who have labor intensive work! The arches on my feet never felt more relaxed after 8 hours of being on my feet. The charger is very compact too, a great companion to a travel sized massager. If anybody is looking for something like this, I recommend this product to anyone who’s in need of a good therapeutic relaxation and can’t get to a massage therapist during these times. I have seen many other products that are much louder and do not quite get the job done. This is definitely for everyone !!” – Ricky Macias

Tim Tam Power Massager V1.5

Tim Tam is considered to be Theragun’s rival in the industry and this brand packs plenty of powerful punches that definitely deserve the hype. They offer impressive specs without the high cost which makes it the best choice for a lot of people in need of therapeutic massage guns. 

This Tim Tam Power Massager is endorsed by many professional athletes boasting its power especially with deep-tissue massage and instant feeling of recovery after a few minutes of use. It’s also packed with a smoother and quieter operation feature. This power massager is only 2.2 pounds making it easy to carry around (especially with its case) with a long-lasting battery capable of 40 minutes running time. 

 Powerful yet quietBest for deep tissue massage and
not advisable for regular therapeutic massage
Portable with a case
Cordless with a separate charging cord

You can shop this at Amazon for $249.94.

Customer Reviews:

“This thing is super powerful. I couldn’t imagine bogging it down before I couldn’t take the pressure. Battery life is great so far. Not the loudest power massager I’ve used but not the most quiet either. Simple, easy to follow instructions with intuitive controls. I like the trigger is auto hold on so you can easily get harder to reach places.” -travis stevens

“This machine was for both the small women I gifted it too. I think this machine would be better for a professional to use. It bruised both of the women I gave it to for Christmas and had to be returned in both cases. The manufacturer accepted both returns so kudos for that. It is just too powerful.” -M. Connors

Hyperice – Hypervolt Vibration Massage Device

Hyperice picks up the slack of most powerful massage guns delivering a well-rounded massage experience. Their devices are suitable for both athletes and non-athletes and are also very affordable compared to other top of the line brands in the market. Its Hypervolt massage gun series is composed of three versions: the Hypervolt, the Hypervolt GO, and the Hypervolt Plus. 

The Hypervolt is its most popular for its powerful performance and versatility packed in a compact device that can run hours in a single charge. It caters to both broad and targeted therapeutic massage. It also has a very sleek design aside from the excellent build quality making it a premium device worthy of its price tag. It’s also equipped with a Bluetooth feature connected to its app with automated speed control. 

Powerful yet quietNone that we can find
Lightweight and portable
Good for both broad and targeted part massage
Bluetooth feature

You can shop this at Best Buy for $349.99.

Customer Reviews:

“The chiropractor I worked for owned one, once I left I knew I needed one for myself. Its worth every penny! Its the perfect remedy after a long day at work and savior for those awful knots. I use it on myself after the gym to soothe sore muscles but also enjoy a massage from my husband. Its a pretty sturdy piece of equipment, it looks and feel powerful and meant to last. A bit heavy, my 7 year old sister couldnt hold it properly while giving me a massage. It does require some muscle to hold and maneuver it for a proper massage with 1 hand. I love all the different attachments, they all have their use, e.g. some give a more dull massage while “the bullet” attachment will get down to deep tissue. Battery is long lasting, I havent had the need to charge often. 100% recommend!” – Vanessa

“It recharges quickly, it seems to last a long time between charges. It has safety features to try and keep you from overdoing the pulsing, thumping, vibration massage. I have used it on different muscles and seems to reduce pain from my back issues. It also helps in recovery of muscles after exercise. It has three speeds. You control the depth and strength by also the amount of pressure you push down on your muscles. I also purchased the carrying case. I would make the case a must have because it organizes everything, stores everything and make sit easy to transport.” -DocM

Sportneer Percussion Massage Gun

Sportneer as a brand is already a massive hit on Amazon with its bike resistance trainers. Now, they have also maneuvered into the massage gun industry providing quality devices packed with features at a very affordable price. 

This percussion massage gun uses the newest noise reduction technology equipped with a high-quality battery (with battery indicator feature) that can run for at least 6 hours continuously. It also offers 6 replacement massage heads which can help target different body pains with 5 adjustable vibration modes. Like the Hypervolt, it offers a well-rounded massage experience. It’s also lightweight and is packed in a compact size case for portability. 

Powerful yet quietNone that we can find
Lightweight and portable
Good for both broad and targeted part massage
Battery indicator
Very affordable

You can shop this at Amazon for $99.99.

Customer Reviews:

“I bought this because a recent cnet article said it was the best value massage gun and that it felt identical to the hypervolt and other higher price models. So far, I am very impressed. I’m currently borrowing my friend’s hypervolt so I got to compare the two side by side. The sportneer is smaller and lighter, but the power and percussion feels identical. A surprising perk, it is much quieter than the hypervolt too. I recorded a video of the two of them both at max power, then just the hypervolt running, and last just the sportneer running. It’s much quieter despite feeling identical on your muscles. Very happy I bought this item and saved $200.” -c mk

“I have had tightness in my calves for a couple of years now. I’ve tried all sorts of gadgets to relieve to soreness and knots. At 49 yrs old, sleep is hard to come by due to the pain in my legs. I promise, for the money, this is worth your time. Easy to use, battery life seems good, attachments all in order and most of all…it really seems to be working.

i’m an actual/real older dude that needed relief and i’m using at bedtime every night. My PT has the professional model and it’s the reason i bought this one. Seriously, it’s worth the money… “ -Vinnie

LifePro Sonic LX Professional Massage Gun

Last but not the least on this list is this versatile massage gun offered by LifePro. This brand specializes in vibration of platforms with a suite of quality devices. This Sonic LX is equipped with 7 massage heads and nine settings that will definitely help you get the best experience. It’s suited both for professionals and those who would need to release tension from their muscles after a home workout. 

It’s quiet and can run for up to 4 hours on a single charge. It’s also packed with a protective carrying case which allows it to be an on-the-go partner. 

Powerful yet quietNone that we can find
Lightweight and portable
Multiple setting options

You can shop this at Amazon for $199.99.

Customer Reviews:

“I have only had the product for a week.

It is easy to use and the videos help alot.

I use it mainly on an old shoulder injury and I noticed a difference in my mobility the next day.

I can’t wait to try more products from this company”

I really like the gun so far. The speed, at level 1, is very powerful. It might be nice to have something a little less powerful, for the more tender or bony areas. It’s a little heavy too. Trying to hold it, when working my back, can get awkward because of the weight.” -Cara Salerno

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