Your Guide to Laptop Stands

When it comes to laptop ergonomics, a very important piece of equipment that you can invest in is your laptop stand. If you spend a considerable amount of time working at home, then some type of laptop stand is almost a must-have. 

This is because just like your typical home office furniture, a laptop stand can make your computing device (and possibly your whole workstation) much easier to use and more comfortable to hold. 

Laptop Stand: What is it and its benefits?

A laptop stand is just as its name says. It is something that a laptop can be set on and can be raised off a table or any surface. 

You might already know that using your laptop on your lap can cause back pain. This is a very serious problem, considering that most people spend hours at a time working on their laptops. Imagine spending all day on your laptop, with all that pressure on your spine. Not only does this put undue stress on your back, but it can also lead to muscle strain and even permanent damage. By using a laptop stand, you eliminate all of these issues, because your laptop no longer has any pressure on your body at all.

Another advantage to using a laptop stand is that it can sometimes save you space. By eliminating the need to sit on your lap, or on a desk, you open up a lot of space for other things. For example, instead of being forced to use your desk or table as a place to put down your laptop, you can use a simple stand to prop your device up so that it is in a much more optimal position.

There are several different types of laptop stands to choose from, and depending on what you need, you may have some difficulty deciding which one is best for you. The basic laptop tray is just a small piece of foam that holds your device up. Most of them are adjustable, and some even swivel to 360 degrees. A basic roost laptop stand should be adequate for most uses, though if you regularly use your laptop on your lap or have trouble reaching your screen, it may be worthwhile to invest in a slightly larger, sturdier stand.

One of the benefits of using an ergonomic laptop stand is that it provides great comfort. Many people prefer to use an ergonomic laptop stand because it allows them to look down, or at a very low level. This can really help with focusing and concentration, especially if you are looking to get good grades, or learn a new task. 

Because the screen is at such an elevated height, it is easier for your eyes to work, and for your brain to comprehend information. If you are like most people, you spend quite a bit of time staring at the monitor, trying to make out what you are seeing.

Another important benefit of using a laptop stand is that it allows an increase in airflow. When a laptop is plainly placed on a flat surface, there is a chance of restricted airflow that can result in overheating. However, when place on a laptop stand, it is raised to the point that airflow can freely roam out of the device. This simple act keeps the laptop cool. You’ll find more expensive laptops will include cooling fans as well. 

Another benefit of an ergonomic laptop stand is that it provides support for your arm. We all know how painful it can be to constantly rest your arm on your thigh while typing on a laptop keyboard, or trying to push the mouse wheel from above. An external keyboard can be a big help here, as it lets you keep your arm at a proper angle, and doesn’t make you feel absolutely horrible.

Finally, another great benefit of an ergonomic laptop stand is that it allows you to view your laptop screen at eye level. When you are working at an elevated desk or huddled around a computer tower with your legs at least parallel to the floor, it can be difficult to see the screen. Sometimes it can even be dangerous, as a fall may not only crush your monitor but could also put you in a dangerous position, which could result in dire consequences. If you need to look at something on the screen, then you aren’t able to do so at eye level, and this is definitely a problem and one that could have been prevented.

By providing support for both your arms, an ergonomic laptop stand makes it much easier for you to type, as well as view your laptop screen at an appropriate angle. 

These types of stands will also typically provide extra space for other things, such as your external keyboard, mouse, or even a book to place on the laptop table. This will allow you to maximize the space available for other things, such as your books, and prevent you from having to clog up this space with any excess items. 

Most of these stands will also feature some type of stabilizer mechanism, which keeps the laptop screen at an angle that is comfortable to the eye, as well as sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your computer monitor. The most common types of laptop stands will feature two legs, which is the typical configuration, but if you would like to make use of additional features, such as a keyboard tray, then you will be able to add these additional pieces to the frame.

5 Top Recommended Laptop Stands 

Here are our top recommended laptop stand products guaranteed to make your work-from-home setup better and healthier. 

g. flow stone: Foldable and Portable Laptop Stand

Curated by South Korean sustainable design lab grape lab is the world’s lightest and most portable laptop stand. g. flow stone is made out of a single sheet of 100% recycled paper which weighs only 90 grams (3 oz.) structurally designed to be durable enough to support up to 5kg of weight. Not only that, it’s also collapsible (accordion-style) and comes in an elegant slim case which can also be used as a phone holder. 

If it’s not convincing enough, the paper stand is also waterproof and more resistant to wear and tear. Grape Lab has also partnered with intellectually disabled artists to create the different designs of the laptop stand. They are committed to not only making a sustainable product but also a collaborative platform of social impact. 

Environment-friendly, zero-waste
Honestly, there’s none. 
Lightweight and portable
Collapsible (up to 3cm)
Durable (can support up to 11lbs/5kg)
Natural cooling 
Pain-free design (precise angles for wrist)

You can shop it at Etsy for just $33.39.

Customer Reviews:

“Look how pretty it is. Look at the color. It’s actually quite sturdy.” –Lara Abulawi

“A portion of the profits from each g.flow laptop stand go to these disabled artists, going to show how a simple product like the g.flow can benefit everyone from the user to the creator, to even the environment! And if that wasn’t innovative enough, the packaging for the g.flow comes with a slot that you can use to dock your phone or tablet too, making even the outer box as useful and mindfully created as the product within it. Someone give this laptop stand an award already!” – Sarang Sheth

BIRDROCK Home Portable Sit or Stand Desk

BIRDROCK’s laptop stand design copies from the basic bed tray design with multiple twists. The wide tray table can accommodate laptops up to 17” and can also be used for eating and writing purposes. It comes with a media slot which can comfortably fit an ipad and a phone. The desk also has an integrated storage drawer where you can store all your work accessories like pens and sticky notes. 

This laptop stand has foldable legs which can be efficiently stored anywhere inside the house. The design is available in natural bamboo or espresso (black). 

Foldable legsNon-adjustable not portable
Integrated storage spaceNo natural cooling design
Media slotPricey compared to more portable designs

You can shop it at Amazon for just $49.99.

Customer Reviews:

“Very well made product and I like it so far! The only thing I can complain about was just making the legs a little bit wider so it’s a little more sturdy. The phone slot is more useful than I originally thought, I’ve been using it as a temporary drink holder as well as the phone storage. A very solid stand for the “work from home” people during these crazy times!” -Cory

“Great product, it is sturdy enough for what I needed. Works great with my Samsung Galaxy S7 tablet (11″). My only complaint is that I wish it was just a little bit taller so I could comfortably cross my legs underneath it (thick thigh problems). Side note: watch where you place it/use it. Several times I have had the legs slide into the cracks of the couch cushions and have my stuff slide off. This is operator error but something for users to be aware of if you have active pets or small children running around while your stuff is unattended.” -Nikki Kutz

Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

Griffin Elevator is the perfect accessory for minimalists with its sturdy brushed two-piece aluminum frame that blends perfectly with any desk design. The stand is constructed from two angled metal strips which are then connected together with a bar of plastic. This design allows it to be flat packed, portable, and open to natural cooling (keeping your laptop from overheating). 

It’s curved downward which makes it easier to type on your laptop keyboard. You can also adjust the screen to a comfortable angle for a better working position. Aside from that, it also has a fixed height and angle picked to provide the best neck comfort to users. Griffin also packs this Elevator stand with a set of plastic pieces to keep your laptop secured while you work. 

Minimalist designNon-adjustable height and angle 
Lightweight and portable
Open design for natural cooling 

You can shop it at Amazon for just $39.99. 

Customer Reviews:

“I can’t rave enough about this laptop stand!!!! It is the absolute BEST! The perfect size, the perfect materials on every curve, and the perfect minimalist design which makes it virtually invisible while not getting in the way! Yet STILL does exactly what it needs to do, AND keeps the much needed airflow to the underside and backside of the laptop! This is my second purchase of this item, because my brother loved mine when he saw it, so I got him one for a gift. I keep mine stationary on my desk, but he travels a lot and said its awesome because its so easy to take the 3 pcs apart and put back together for extreme ease while traveling!” -superstarfish

“Great stand that saves lots of desk space! As a college student, this stand helps my neck, and clears my desk so i have room for books. Also the space between the plastic and the back fits my keyboard perfectly. I will address the bouncing that people are complaining about though. Typing on your laptop keyboard is not very comfortable when the laptop is elevated up 5 inches, so I recommend just using a separate keyboard with this stand. With my Dell XPS 15 which is a laptop that weighs around 4.4 pounds, the stand does wobble a fair bit when I type on the laptop itself but nothing too crazy. Overall, a great product and suits my needs perfectly!” – Saran Wrap

Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand

This is a multipurpose laptop stand that can work as a laptop holder, a writing desk, or a breakfast tray just for the price of one. It has a lightweight, folding design which allows you to carry it anywhere you go and easily store it as well. 

Besides being multipurpose, it’s also highly adjustable (360 degrees with lock feature). The adjustable tray can be set in your desired angle with just a push of a button. It also has adjustable legs to match your working position (if you’re standing or sitting on the sofa or bed). It also comes with 2 built-in cooling fans connected via a USB port and a mouse pad. 

MultipurposeAdjustable legs can’t fully extend
Fully assembled
Lightweight and portable
Highly adjustable 

You can shop it at Amazon for just $33.94. 

Customer Reviews:

“Brilliant design and solves several real problems. I bought it to use in bed. Sure, you can prop your laptop up on your legs but the distance from your arms and head is not ideal. This thing is extremely configurable. See photo for how to use in bed and that’s only one possible bed-use configuration.” – Gary Lucido

“It met my highest expectations. I use my computer from a low table so hunching over was killing my back. This is brilliantly designed. The best part is the fans that cool the computer which always concerns me when it gets really hot. This makes it very, very, comfortable to use the computer for hours, which I do as a writer. It is very sturdy, I am not afraid it will break easily. The little plate on the side is where I keep my phone. In case I have to google something, my eyeglasses, and pens, I do have written notes. I love it. It’s very easy to set up. It has degree of angle on each leg so you know it is all balanced. I recommend this product whole heartedly. I really do like it. If you like toys you can sit with it and work all the options of use and just keep saying, how cool is that!” – Laura DG

Ergotron WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter

This collapsible WorkFit-T Standing Desk by Ergotron is for those who like that extra height while they work. It’s an oversized laptop stand which can also support a second monitor. Its two-tier design allows you to place a full size keyboard and a mouse underneath and an open storage space at the bottom. 

It’s spring loaded so it’s easily adjustable with a handbrake feature to lock until desired height. It can be extended up to 20-inches high which is perfect to simulate a standing desk. This is perfect for those who want a big and spacious setup. 

CollapsibleNot portable 
Large spaceVery pricey

You can shop it at Amazon for just $389.00. 

Customer Reviews:

“This is a wonderful discovery for me! Well made, very sturdy, works smoothly, is easy to raise and lower (& I am over 75). But be sure your monitor cables are long enough to reach the desktop’s highest level, in case someone unfamiliar with your desktop gets hold of it – it can move up pretty quickly if you don’t have complete control over it when you depress the levers. My two 27 inch monitors fit fine on top and tend to slow the upward lift, but a single smaller monitor might be in danger if a child or unsuspecting visitor tried it out without warning. I researched this item fairly extensively and am glad I chose this model. I use a largish keyboard & like a good bit of room for my mouse; width & depth are OK, but I wouldn’t mind an extra inch of depth. Nonetheless, I find this a 5 star purchase.” -DParkel

“I bought this because my colleague at work had one in her office. I am part-time, and spend most of my time at home writing my thesis. Over Christmas my back had given up from the prolonged sitting. I researched other similar products, and considered a corner type elevated desk but settled on this one. I fits perfectly over my corner desk and goes from sitting to standing directly upright, others lurched out forward in an arc. In short, it has revolutionised my working at home. The kids laughed, but do I care, nope. It looks great, is a solid as can be and holds an angle poise lamp, a large iMac and there is still room for my A3 pages of analysed data, pots of pens and the usual desk detritus.

I cannot recommend more.” – Marie S.

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