Review: Dyson Lightcycle Morph

Dyson, the company famous for it’s expensive-but-sort-of-worth-it products, has done it again. Dyson has released it’s latest lamp, the Lightcycle Morph; a powerful all-in-one light with adjustable color temperature. Today we’re here to get to the bottom of this fancy lamp and to give you an in-depth look into its uses and features.

First, the specs

The Lightcycle Morph has:

  • a brightness of 1000 lux
  • color temperatures varying from 2700 to 6500K
  • a price of $649

Like the Philips Hue, the lamp is synced and controlled by bluetooth. It’s one of the most adaptable and beautiful lighting solutions I’ve tested – able to mimic the light outside so well that even in the darkest and most isolated room, you’d almost forget you didn’t have a window open. It can turn an otherwise dismal environment into something classy.

copyright Dyson, all rights reserved.

Flexible – in more ways than one

The design of the Dyson is excellent as expected, with its aluminum finish and shiny plastic base. But of course, the thing that sets this apart from their other lamps is the sheer size of this thing. This is a room-sized lamp, and though you can’t adjust the height it is able to bend and contort to switch from a desk lamp to an ambient column lamp (above).

It’s also flexible in it’s programming. It has a power button on its arm along with sliders for the color temperature and brightness. Did we mention these are all touch controls? It also boasts some automated features such as an “auto” button that causes it to take ambient light into account, as well as a motion sensor that turns it off when you leave the room and on when you enter. The final button allows you to control all of these features via bluetooth using its own app on your phone, an app that is impressive in its own right. And if the other features weren’t enough, it also has a USB-C port to charge your phone or other devices.

copyright Dyson, all rights reserved.

Our consensus

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph brings the brilliance and power of the sun to your room, but at a price nearly rivaling the celestial object. The price is a little steep, but at least it’s cheaper than your iPhone. Thankfully, like your wireless provider, Dyson does offer payment plans. You be the judge.

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