Best Portable Monitors of 2020

Portable monitors have come a long way since their inception, and the latest gamut is lightweight, high-quality displays perfect for multi-tasking with a laptop. Here are our top picks for portable monitors of 2020.

Lepow 15.6-Inch USB-C Portable Monitor

This is the Amazon favorite. If you’re really looking for something large and decent quality at a good price-point, this is an excellent choice. It’s a no-name brand, but it manages.


This display has a pretty solid build quality. It comes with both USB-C (for thunderbolt) and mini-HDMI connectors. The folding stand is slightly flimsy, but it stands up. The main thing lacking on this display is, well, its display. The colors are not that great, and it lacks in brightness.


The price on this one is unbeatable. At it’s highest, it goes for $169.99, but it has been known to drop into the low hundreds. If you’re on a budget looking for something usable, this is the one for you.

Buy on Amazon: Lepow 15.6-Inch USB-C Portable Monitor

Asus 15.6-Inch ZenScreen Touch

Asus, the company that started out during the netbooks craze 10 years ago, is now making some excellent computers and has become famous for their acclaimed Zenbook line. This display is the perfect companion to the Zenbook and any other laptop whether large or small.


This has a sizable 15.6-Inch display with very good colors and brightness. Unique selling point is this one’s a touchscreen! Naturally, it will not work with a Mac or iPhone; but on PCs and Chromebooks it works like a charm.


It’s great, but the price bites. It comes in at around $337 at the time of this article. But if you want something large, great for design, and with touch capability, there is no better portable display.

Buy on Amazon: Asus ZenScreen Touch

Lenovo 14-Inch ThinkVision M14

Lenovo continues to innovate with this new product offering. It has the look and feel of one of it’s super-light yogabooks.


This is very lightweight, but not cheap at all. It’s a 14-Inch display, so a little smaller than the two others we’re comparing if that’s a dealbreaker. But it’s an excellent little display with great color and brightness. It has two USB Type-C ports with passthrough, so if it’s convenient you may run your power cable through the monitor itself to your laptop.


The price is actually quite good in my opinion. Its at $249 at the time of writing this, but it’s actually sold out or marked up in many sites around the web, including Amazon. That’s a sign of its popularity.

Buy on Amazon: Lenovo ThinkVision M14

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HP EliteDisplay S14

HP is known for its arsenal of personal computers that remain at the forefront of the industry. And their portable monitors are no exception to the quality they provide. This model is one of its most recommended, a compact portable monitor that did not compromise the specs. 


Compared to its rivals, this HP’s portable monitor is slightly smaller and also thinner at only 9mm. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy a full HD panel with super-crisp image quality. It’s also a premium IPS screen so you can expect wide viewing angles as well as really good colour and contrast. It can be powered directly from your laptop with a USB-C.


The price does not deviate too much from its rivals although at $221, it can be considered to be a bit more expensive. The features are really quality and also factoring in that it’s very portable, the price is well worth it. 

Buy on Amazon: HP S14 14″ Full HD LED LCD Portable Monitor

ViewSonic VG1655

ViewSonic was recognized as one of the leading providers of visual solutions. In fact, it was even awarded by the PC Mag last year as the Best Monitor Brand. Among its suite of monitors, the ViewSonic VG1655 is one of its best.


This is considered as one of the best, if not the best, portable monitors for work-from-home setup. The 15.6” monitor is equipped with 2 USB Type-C ports used for power and data. On the other hand, you can do video transfer with a mini HDMI port. Though it comes with a 1080p resolution, it has limited color coverage so it’s not highly-recommended for watching and gaming.


This is definitely worth the price at $192 as ViewSonic also threw in a five-way mini-joystick feature which helps in better navigation. It also has a fold out stand that provides a wide tilt range. 

Buy on Amazon: ViewSonic VG1655

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